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Why You Should Choose an Implant vs. Dentures

Why You Should Choose an Implant vs. Dentures

A partial denture is a frame that supports a false tooth over the open space in your smile, left behind by missing or extracted teeth. Dental implants are a more comprehensive solution, replacing both a tooth and its root. 

Understanding the advantages to each treatment is essential to choosing the best option for your smile. Fortunately, dentures and implants are both effective tooth replacements. For most people, the choice depends on their personal preferences and what they can afford.

But if you’re missing a tooth, there are some good reasons you should lean towards choosing an implant over a denture.

(1) Implants are forever.

Removable dental appliances experience a lot of wear-and-tear. Their fit can change over time as the shape of your mouth changes, leaving you with added time spent on repairs or paying for replacements. But implants are artificial roots that sit snugly seated in the bone beneath your gums. In most situations, they are with you for life.

(2) Implants can save the shape of your smile.

The implant root is not only embedded in bone, but it stimulates it as well. This promotes the formation of new bone tissue in your jaw and prevents your smile from collapsing around the gap of a missing tooth, as is typical with tooth loss.

(3) Implants are more discreet.

Anyone with a denture will have their fair share of stories to share! Removable appliances like partial dentures do come with a slight risk of falling out or slipping out of place at times. This can happen if you don’t put it in correctly or if it’s broken or if you bite into something sticky.

Since an implant is securely fastened to your mouth, there’s no chance of it slipping out and causing you embarrassment. Also, you don’t have to take an implant out at night. Removing a denture for nightly cleaning and soaking can cause anxiety in some social situations.

(4) Implants are easy to care for.

Just because an implant is attached to your mouth doesn’t mean that it will stay there. Like any other natural tooth, an implant requires careful care and maintenance to stay healthy. But implants only need brushing and flossing to remain clean. As long as you do that, you’ll find it simpler than removing a partial every day for scrubbing and soaking overnight.

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