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The Top 3 Ways to Replace a Missing Tooth

If you’ve recently lost a permanent tooth, then you need to replace it right away. Milford dentists warn patients that leaving gaps in their smile can lead to complications.

Missing even just one tooth can cause the rest of your teeth to shift out of alignment. As a result, you may experience difficulty chewing or speaking, and will have an increased risk of developing cavities or gum disease in that area. Replace that missing tooth as soon as possible to preserve the health and alignment of your teeth.

But how can you do that? The Milford dentists at Shoreline Dental Care explain the three most common options for replacing lost teeth.

Partial Denture

The most non-invasive tooth replacement option is the partial denture. This is a false tooth supported on a metal or plastic frame that fits snugly against your remaining teeth. A partial denture is removable and needs daily care, but it’s discreet enough that no one should notice you wearing it.

Dental Bridge

If you’re interested in a tooth replacement that’s more secure than a removable denture, then you could consider a fixed dental bridge.

A bridge typically consists of three crowns or “false teeth” that are cemented side-by-side. The two crowns on either end are hollow and slip over the tops of the natural teeth left on either side of the gap. The false tooth suspended in the middle is solid and it rests lightly on your gums right over the place where your tooth used to be.

Dental bridges can be tricky to clean around, but they are sturdy, long-lasting, and beautiful.

Dental Implant

Dentists and most dental patients agree that an implant is the best in tooth replacement therapy. Implants resemble natural teeth in both function and appearance. They also provide support to the bone in your jaw to prevent smile collapse. The dental implant procedure is fast and quite painless, and the results can last a lifetime.

Replacing a lost tooth will help keep your smile from aging and deteriorating. To find out which tooth replacement option is ideal for your smile, call Shoreline Dental Care and schedule a consultation!

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