The Shoreline Dental Care Family Sponsors a “Fundraiser Dinner for Hunter” | Shoreline Dental Care

The Shoreline Dental Care Family Sponsors a “Fundraiser Dinner for Hunter”

The Shoreline Dental Care Family Sponsors a “Fundraiser Dinner for Hunter”

Shoreline Dental Care has the privilege of supporting a hard-working family in our community as they raise awareness about a painful skin condition their son suffers.

Local Milford teenager Hunter was diagnosed with Epidermolysis bullosa (EB) when he was only seven years old, but has been living with the condition since birth.

Hunter’s mother, Erica Solhem Fonck, started a non-profit organization in her son’s name – Hunter’s Wish.

What Is Hunter’s Wish About?

“Hunter’s Wish is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about EB and helping medical researchers learn more about EB, so one day we can have a cure. Hunter’s Wish was created for Hunter and the many other children, adults and families battling EB.”(Read more on the official site.)

What Is Epidermolysis Bullosa?

The term epidermolysis bullosa applies to three genetic skin disorders that cause painful blisters. Rare genetic mutations cause the skin to lack essential collagen. This makes the skin of EB sufferers prone to blistering and tearing under friction. Living with EB is a painful and daily struggle for Hunter and many other children.

EB can also affect oral health since some cases involve sores inside the mouth that make eating and basic brushing and flossing almost impossible.

Event Information & How Shoreline Dental Care Is Helping

Our Shoreline Dental Care team is donating a fun-filled gift basket for Hunter’s Wish Fundraiser Dinner, an event in support of raising awareness about EB.

The donated gift basket contains:

  • 2 teeth whitening kits
  • A $50 restaurant gift card
  • 2 movie and concession passes
  • 2 toothbrush travel kits
  • An eco-friendly grocery bag

For the chance to win this gift basket and to learn more about the condition afflicting our young friend, please make plans to attend the upcoming Fundraiser Dinner for Hunter on May 5 from 5-10pm. The dinner will be at Costa Azzura Restaurant in Milford, CT. Tickets include a buffet dinner, music, raffles to enter, and a cash bar. To purchase tickets, sponsor the event, or donate a raffle prize, please contact Erika at / 203-645-4252.

Shoreline Dental Care is honored to have a share in raising awareness about EB, especially as this condition is affecting a family in our own community. Supporting the Fundraiser Dinner for Hunter is one of the many ways we maintain our values and practice philosophy.

Contact our team to learn more about this and other community events and how you can get involved.

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