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Professional ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in Milford & West Haven, Connecticut

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening is scientifically advanced to whiten your teeth fast. Now you can enjoy a whiter, healthier, younger-looking smile in under an hour. ZOOM! is the latest state-of-the-art cosmetic technology clinically proven to provide fast, safe, effective teeth whitening and Shoreline Dental Care is proud to offer this procedure for patients in our Milford and West Haven offices. Depending upon your personal preferences, we have both professional in-office and take-home treatments available for dramatic teeth whitening results.


What are the benefits of in-office ZOOM! Teeth Whitening?

Here are several advantages of whitening your teeth with in-office ZOOM! Teeth Whitening:

  • You get results fast.
  • ZOOM! Whitening is a proven solution, having served millions of smiles.
  • You can relax during the process. We do all the work for you.
  • Results are dramatic and noticeable.
  • You can enjoy more confidence from your brilliant smile.

Are you a good candidate for ZOOM! Teeth Whitening?

Many people are excellent candidates for Zoom! teeth whitening. However, it isn’t for everyone. Teeth that have been treated with restorations will not respond to ZOOM! If you have visible crowns, dental bonds, fillings, or other restorative treatments on the visible teeth, Zoom! is not the best option. If you have fillings or dental crowns on molars in the back of your mouth, they will not lighten, but your teeth that show when you smile can become much brighter.

If you have teeth that have become discolored due to certain medications, or death, trauma, or severe injury to a tooth, resulting in a gray or brown tooth, it won’t respond to teeth whitening. Dental implants cannot be whitened.


The best candidates for Zoom! whitening are patients who have yellowed, stained teeth that do not have dental restorations. If you’re unsure if ZOOM! is right for you, contact us today!

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Tooth sensitivity can occur in some patients, but it is temporary and usually subsides within a few days.

In-office treatments have been proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades in less than an hour. Take-home kits offer noticeable results after a couple of weeks.

There are a variety of teeth whitening products online and in stores. Professional whitening gel contains hydrogen peroxide, which is a safe and effective teeth bleaching agent. The strength of the gel will vary depending on the patient’s needs but can range from 25% – 40%. Over-the-counter whitening gels use carbamide peroxide, which is not as effective or fast-acting in making your teeth whiter.

Let Our Dentists in Milford & West Haven Make Your Smile Whiter!

If you’re looking for a way to conveniently brighten your smile, then contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our at-home and in-office treatments are great solutions and give you fast and long-lasting results.

We look forward to helping you achieve a brighter, healthier smile.

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