Shoreline Dental Care Benefits for Our Great Patients

We’re one of the only dentists in Milford and West Haven to provide in-house complete care without referring our patients off-site. With decades of experience on our side, Shoreline Dental Care is the convenient, complete health dental team that you’ve been searching for.

All Services in One Location

At Shoreline Dental Care, our dentists have extensive training in everything from family dentistry to dental implants. As such, we can confidently provide everything your smile needs in one, convenient location.

Whether your child is getting braces or you’re here to discuss treatment for sleep apnea, you can feel confident about being in the best hands possible. You won’t be referred to someone across town that you don’t know. Everything is completed right here in our office.

Complete Health Dentistry

Do you have underlying medical conditions or a list of medications that you’re taking? You might be surprised at how the health of your smile impacts your overall wellness.

When we treat your dental problems, it’s not just your teeth that we’re looking at. We consider other factors at play and adjust our recommendations accordingly. Your care is about your quality of life… not just your teeth.

Minimally Invasive Dentistry

Conventional dental treatments often involve invasive procedures that weaken your tooth or take a longer time to recover from. Thanks to technology like dental lasers, we’re able to perform minimally invasive treatments with little to no discomfort afterward. Ask about our cosmetic gum recontouring, frenectomies for children, and scalpel-free oral surgery.

Our Technology

We’ve invested in the very best technology for accurate, high quality services during each treatment. One example is our CBCT conebeam machine, which provides us with a 3D image of your teeth, jaws, and anatomical structures. This high-quality image allows us to plan your computerized implant treatment before the actual surgery is ever performed.

Sedation Dentistry

Choose between oral conscious sedation or nitrous oxide to keep you calm and relaxed throughout your visit. Our dentists are DOCS trained and licensed to provide safe, effective sedation dentistry in each of our West Haven and Milford practices.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Enjoy a more restful night’s sleep without a bulky CPAP machine. Our custom oral appliances open your airway naturally, allowing you to enjoy improved oxygen flow as soon as the first night’s use.

Contact Shoreline Dental Care today to experience the attentive, complete health dentistry that you’ve been looking for.