Invisalign has quickly become the favorite option of teens and adults who need to have their teeth straightened. While they work on a similar straightening principle as traditional wire braces, they do so without the distracting and uncomfortable wires and brackets that you traditionally see.

Invisalign makes use of a set of transparent, plastic trays to slowly correct teeth that are out of alignment. Each wearable tray straightens crooked teeth a bit more. The custom-made trays are created with the use of computer imaging technology. They meet the individual needs of each patient.

What are the Advantages of Invisalign?

Invisalign boasts of five clear advantages over traditional wire braces:

  • Invisalign trays are more comfortable than wire braces – The smooth, plastic trays are very comfortable on the inside of your mouth and lips. There are no wires to poke the inside of your mouth throughout the treatment period.
  • Invisalign treatment lasts significantly less time than wire braces – Typical Invisalign treatment plans last for 9-15 months rather than the 2-3 years needed for wire braces.
  • Invisalign is far more aesthetically beautiful than traditional wire braces – There is no avoiding the fact the braces are impossible to hide. In contrast, the clear, plastic trays used in the Invisalign program are nearly invisible to the human eye.
  • Invisalign offers you far more eating options during treatment – Patients always dread the list of forbidden foods that accompany the treatment time with traditional wire braces.  However, since Invisalign trays may be removed at any time, patients can remove them at each meal time and eat what is enjoyable to them.
  • Invisalign allows superior oral hygiene – Again, instead of fussing with the wires of traditional braces while you are attempting to brush your teeth, you can remove your Invisalign trays each time that you need to brush or floss your teeth.

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