Our dental team at Shoreline Dental Care is dedicated to restoring beautiful smiles for our patients. We are also committed to teaching our patients how preventative care can remove the need for costly and painful dental treatments. When you are in for your regular checkups and cleanings, we will look thoroughly to diagnose the smallest dental issues so that we can prevent them from growing into larger problems. By diagnosing early, we are able to offer a wider array of less painful and less expensive options for treatment. Early diagnosis will also help us to preserve your original teeth far more often.

Your daily oral hygiene plays a major role in avoiding more serious dental procedures. When you commit to regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing, you are significantly improving your oral health. In addition to superior oral hygiene, you will find that regularly-scheduled checkups, exams, and cleanings will also help reduce the need for major dental treatments. If you are not experiencing any current dental pain, you may be tempted to skip these important appointments. However, the scheduled appointments help us to detect early signs of damage, decay, and gum disease. During the appointments, your dentist will also regularly check for oral cancer. Oral cancer is easily survivable and treatable when it is detected early; however, oral cancer that is not diagnosed until the late stages is often deadly. You will always have more options for dental care when dental issues are detected early.

Our mission at Shoreline Dental Care is to provide competent and professional preventative dental care for your family at each of our two offices. Whether you go to the Milford office or the West Haven office, you will find that we are equipped with the latest in dental technology. Our staff has the latest in dental training. Our team of doctors and assistants will treat you like part of a family. It is our purpose to provide excellent oral care for each member of your family at a reasonable price.

Call one of our two locations today and get a regular checkup schedule. Get started on your preventive care today!