When a tooth is cracked, abscessed, or has a cavity that has reached the nerve, a root canal treatment may be necessary. While root canal treatments have a bad reputation with many people, they really are a blessing in disguise. Without a root canal, these teeth would likely have to be pulled. Extractions bring a whole new set of problems and necessary treatments. This procedure allows the dentist to save your natural tooth. This is better aesthetically and practically.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Dr. Tartagni and his staff have the best training and the latest equipment to make your root canal surprisingly comfortable. Any discomfort or pain is kept to a bare minimum. A gentle anesthetic helps to numb the affected area. If you are especially anxious, oral sedation is also an option. The actual length of the procedure will vary depending on the roots that the dentist finds.

Once the anesthetic has numbed the tooth, the dentist will clean out any infection and the nerve tissue. Once the root canal is free of all infection and nerve tissue, the canal is thoroughly cleaned, medicated, and sealed off against future infection.

Don’t Procrastinate with Root Canals

It is an inescapable fact that ignoring a root canal infection will ultimately result in more pain and more expensive treatments. The ignored infection will spread to other areas in your body. This infection will NOT just go away. It can eventually even lead to hospitalization. If there is swelling associated with the infection, we may place you on a course of antibiotics for a week or so before we perform the root canal.

Capped Off With a Crown

Once the canal is hollowed out, cleaned, medicated, and sealed, it will be covered with a cap. This strengthens the tooth, makes it aesthetically pleasing, and helps guard against future infection. At Shoreline Dental Care, we use a Periolase soft tissue laser to help ensure the best possible fit for your crown. When all is completed, you will be pain free, infection free, and happy to be smiling again.