Cosmetic Dentistry: Get The Smile You Want

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a beautiful smile. After all, the appearance of our teeth can impact everything from our social lives to our career. In fact, investing in a gorgeous new smile with cosmetic dentistry services from Shoreline Dental Care in Milford CT. or West Haven, CA could be one of the smartest decisions that you ever made.

Depending on your needs, concerns and budget, our cosmetic dentists can help you to make changes that gently or even dramatically boost your appearance. Here are just a few examples of therapies that you might want to consider:

Dental Porcelain Veneers

Customized veneers mask the hidden irregularities behind them. When bonded to the front of your teeth, you can transform the appearance of misshaped, gapped, crooked, or stained enamel into a beautiful set of pearly whites. Our cosmetic dentists recommend porcelain laminates as the veneer of choice, as they offer the best and most natural aesthetic attributes, as well as long-term durability.

Professional Strength Teeth Whitening

Sometimes, the only boost your smile needs is erasing the years of stain that have accumulated from all of your favorite foods and drinks. Even if you don’t use tobacco products, you may notice stain particles gradually causing your smile to look darker than it used to be.

Choose between in-office teeth whitening and customized take home trays with prescription strength gel. Both treatments offer significant results that are easy to maintain.

Tooth Bonding and Gum Recontouring

Minor irregularities in your tooth shape or the evenness of gums can play a huge role in the overall appearance of your smile. Fortunately, they’re some of the easiest problems to fix. Just a small area of tooth colored bonding or laser gingival recontouring erases all signs of the irregular contour. Numbing usually isn’t even necessary.

Short Term Cosmetic Braces

Are a few crooked or gapped teeth making you feel embarrassed to look in the mirror? “Fast” ortho, also known as short term braces, is a simple and effective way to align the front of your smile without lengthier types of orthodontic treatments. Most of our patients enjoy straighter looking teeth in about six months. White brackets are available!

Tooth Colored Fillings and Crowns

Replace discolored, stained amalgam (silver) fillings with a gorgeous tooth colored restoration. White fillings and porcelain crowns are custom-matched so that they aren’t noticeable when you smile or laugh. Porcelain crowns are also preferable when restoring badly damaged or decaying teeth. They can even be anchored on top of an implant when replacing single missing teeth.

It’s Easy To Afford A New Smile

You might just be surprised at how simple the smile makeover process can actually be! We’re sensitive to your needs, and that’s why we offer options like sedation dentistry and 0% financing plans to keep both you and your pocketbook comfortable.

Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry Services?

Our family and cosmetic dentists have hundreds of hours of training in aesthetic services. We are more than happy to share our findings with you, so that you can make an educated decision as it pertains to your smile makeover. Contact us today to get started.

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