Cutting-Edge Technology at Shoreline Dental Care

When it comes to finding the best dental care available, you need a dentist who implements the most advanced technology into their everyday services. We’re not just talking about digital x-rays.

At Shoreline Dental Care we’ve invested in equipment that impacts everything from dental implants to extractions and beyond. What are we talking about?

3D Conebeam Imaging Systems

Planning out a treatment like dental implants shouldn’t be taken lightly. Most dentists use 2-dimensional x-rays to assess and evaluate their patients’ teeth. We take it to the next level, utilizing 3D CBCT equipment to digitally plan everything from the size of the implants to creating a surgical guide.

Why does this matter? Because it reduces surgery time, improves the success of treatment, and gives you an easier recovery. You can even avoid the need for adjunctive surgeries in some situations, such as sinus lifts or bone grafting.

Dental Lasers

Lasers use high frequency energy to reshape or re-contour your gumlines without the bleeding. If you’re experiencing symptoms of gum disease, lasers can help to sterilize the gum tissue and speed up healing after your periodontal therapy. They’re even useful for treating cold sores!

Imaging Devices in Each Room

How would you like to see everything that we do? Each of our treatment rooms is equipped with technology like intraoral cameras and monitors so that we can show you exactly what’s going on inside of your mouth. After your exam, we’ll show you the images so you can co-plan your treatment right alongside our dentists.

TRIOS 3D Scanner

With our TRIOS intraoral scanner by 3Shape, we can take “digital impressions” to manufacture your dental restoration—making your treatment faster and more comfortable, and giving you more accurate results. Digital impressions are high speed oral photographs that we submit to the CAD/CAM software to design your dental restorations. Digital impressions are suitable for restorations from a single crown to dental implants! We also utilize this state-of-the-art technology for planning orthodontic interventions.

Our streamlined digital process replaces the clunky old way of taking putty impressions, which are uncomfortable for patients and draw their treatment out over several weeks. Digital dentistry allows us to take precise measurements of your mouth and transmit the data quickly and easily—speeding up production time and saving you weeks of waiting!

For more details on 3Shape and their dental technologies, please view their brochure. In addition, the below informational videos will help explain how the scanner works and its many benefits.