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Oral Sedation Dentistry in Milford & West Haven, Connecticut

If you are looking for a dentist in Milford offering oral sedation dentistry services, Shoreline Dental Care in Connecticut is the right place for you. Oral conscious sedation is an excellent way to get the treatment you need in a comfortable and pain-free environment.

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What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Oral conscious sedation is a safe and effective method of pain relief that can be used for dental procedures. It involves administering medications that help patients in Milford and West Haven relax so they can be more comfortable while receiving dental treatments.

The medicines used in this type of procedure are called “conscious sedatives” because they make people feel relaxed but still alert enough to answer questions from the dentist and follow instructions.

There are many benefits to using oral conscious sedation. Some of these include:

Who is a Good Candidate For Oral Sedation in Milford & West Haven?

Anyone who needs dental care can benefit from oral conscious sedation. However, people with certain medical conditions should not receive sedation. These include:

  • People who have a history of heart disease or high blood pressure
  • People who have difficulty swallowing pills
  • Anyone who has had an allergic reaction to certain types of medicine
  • Pregnant women and children

Your dentist will always discuss sedation options with you prior to developing your treatment plan. Be sure to share any medical history or concerns you have when you come in for your consultation.

How Does Oral Conscious Sedation Work at Shoreline Dental Care?

When you receive oral conscious sedation, you will first meet with one of our experienced dentists who will explain what to expect before, during, and after your dental procedure.

You will take the medicine anywhere from one hour to 20 minutes before your procedure begins. You’ll notice that you begin to feel drowsy and relaxed. This is because the sedative is a powerful form of Benzodiazepine (medications such as Valium, Halcion, and Xanax), which decreases activity levels in the parts of the brain that control fear and anxiety. It also helps to relax the jaw muscles and suppress the gag reflex.

In most cases, the sedation will begin to wear off within a few hours. It’s a good idea to have someone available to drive you home from your appointment, as you may feel lightheaded and groggy as the medication wears off.

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