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Oral Cancer Awareness Month: A Call to Action from Shoreline Dental Care


April marks a significant month in the health calendar—it’s Oral Cancer Awareness Month. At Shoreline Dental Care, with our two convenient locations in Milford and West Haven, Connecticut, we’re committed to not just treating dental issues but also to educating our community about important health topics. Oral cancer, often overshadowed by other types of cancer, deserves our attention this month and beyond.

Understanding Oral Cancer

Oral cancer encompasses cancers of the mouth and the upper throat. Sadly, it doesn’t receive as much media attention as other cancers, but its impact is no less severe. According to the American Cancer Society, tens of thousands of Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, and for many, the prognosis is challenging.

The risk factors for oral cancer include tobacco use, heavy alcohol consumption, a diet low in fruits and vegetables, and the human papillomavirus (HPV). However, it’s crucial to note that oral cancer can affect anyone, even those without these risk factors.

Early Detection Saves Lives

One of the key messages we want to share during Oral Cancer Awareness Month is the importance of early detection. Early stages of oral cancer often do not cause pain and may go unnoticed, but your dentist can help. Regular dental check-ups are vital because they allow professionals to spot signs of oral cancer that you might not notice on your own.

How Shoreline Dental Care Can Help

At Shoreline Dental Care, we’re stepping up our efforts this April to do our part in fighting oral cancer. Here’s how:

Comprehensive Oral Examinations: Our routine dental check-ups include examinations for signs of oral cancer. We look for any unusual sores, lumps, or changes in the mouth.

Educational Resources: We provide educational materials in our offices and online, helping you understand oral cancer risks, prevention, and the importance of early detection.

A Call to Action

This Oral Cancer Awareness Month, we urge everyone in the Milford and West Haven communities to take a proactive stance on their oral health. Here’s what you can do:

Schedule a Dental Check-up: If it’s been a while since your last dental visit, now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment. Let’s ensure your mouth is healthy and free of any signs of oral cancer.

Adopt Healthier Habits: Consider reducing your risk of oral cancer by quitting smoking, moderating alcohol consumption, eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and practicing good oral hygiene.

Spread the Word: Share information about Oral Cancer Awareness Month with friends and family. The more people are aware, the more lives we can save through early detection.

Join Us in the Fight Against Oral Cancer

At Shoreline Dental Care, we’re more than just a dental practice; we’re a part of your community. This April, let’s join hands in the fight against oral cancer. Together, through education, prevention, and early detection, we can make a significant impact.

Remember, your mouth is the gateway to your overall health. Taking care of it is not just about a beautiful smile—it’s about saving lives. Contact us today at Shoreline Dental Care in Milford or West Haven, Connecticut, to schedule your next appointment. Let’s take this important step towards better health together.