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Many patients who suffer from sleep apnea are simply not comfortable with the commonly-prescribed CPAP equipment. We are excited to offer oral sleep appliances as an effective and comfortable solution! The premise is simple. Oral appliances open your breathing airways naturally by repositioning your lower jaw. This can eliminate snoring and give you a refreshing night of sleep. Let us help you find a solution to sleep apnea. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

By participating in a sleep study, a sleep physician can help you determine if your sleeping disorder will be helpfully treated by an oral appliance. We will arrange a sleep study for you at the sleep testing center that is nearby.

A majority of our patients are happy to report a significant improvement in their sleep after only one night with the oral appliance! While you may need to use the appliance for a few days before you are completely comfortable with it, it is nowhere near as invasive or uncomfortable as the typical CPAP machines. These oral devices will simply open your airways in a natural way so that you are experiencing maximum oxygen flow while you sleep. This is the great secret for confronting sleep apnea.  

The short answer is, yes! While it is not near as common in children, there are some who struggle with chronic snoring and sleep apnea. Healthy Start and DNA oral appliances can help treat anatomical features that produce these disorders. By confronting these issues early, we can help you develop intervention techniques that will produce better breathing and a refreshing night of sleep for your child. 

There are many degrees of sleep apnea. Some patients simply do not breathe as well when they are sleeping and they wake up not feeling fully refreshed. Other patients have full-blown obstructive sleep apnea that is literally dangerous to their health and well-being. There are many levels in between these two ends of the spectrum. Here are a few symptoms of sleep apnea to help you consider whether you should pursue some additional information:


  • Are you frequently waking up throughout the night?
  • Do you regularly feel fatigued throughout the day?
  • Do you consistently experience a chronic sore throat or dry mouth?
  • Have you noticed an excessive amount of tooth wear, chipped dental work, or flatness to your teeth?
  • Do you experience regular morning headaches?
  • Do you ever wake up at night from choking or gasping for air?
  • Do you or your family ever notice pauses in your breathing while you are sleeping?

You do not want to ignore sleep apnea. There can be numerous complications to your overall health, and some can even be deadly. Some of the more serious complications include diabetes, stroke, depression, hypertension, obesity, heart attacks, and cardiovascular disease. In addition to that, chronic snoring can provide serious stress for your loved ones.  

If you have read the symptoms above and suspect that you may be dealing with a sleeping disorder, you can begin the journey towards refreshing sleep by calling SleepDocsCT. Our dentists are highly skilled and extensively trained. The expertise is verified by their memberships in the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, the American Sleep & Breathing Academy, and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Recently, Dr. Tartagni was acknowledged as a Board Certified Diplomate by the ASBA. You will find yourself in capable hands as you seek to find a solution to sleep apnea.

There is no longer any need for you to fight the daily fatigue that comes with sleep apnea. Please call either of our offices at West Haven or Milford and set up a Free Consultation. We can help you determine the best course of action to bring you relief. In a matter of days, you can be sleeping soundly and waking up refreshed!


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