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At Shoreline Dental Care we are here to help you choose the best solution for your dental needs. We would like to offer you the opportunity to see what is available to you. We can provide insights and advice to help you choose the most effective treatment for your individual situation. Please call and schedule an appointment for a free consultation at either one of our offices.  

As the most popular selection for teeth straightening, Invisalign provides many clear advantages:

  • The trays are comfortable in your mouth
  • No wires to poke the inside of your mouth
  • Treatment time lasts significantly less time than wire braces 
  • Typical Invisalign treatment plans last for 9-15 months (versus the 2-3 years typically needed for wire braces)
  • The clear, plastic trays are very discreet.
  • Remove the smooth trays at each meal time and eat what is enjoyable to you.
  • Invisalign allows superior oral hygiene, just remove your Invisalign trays each time that you need to brush or floss your teeth.

Approximately 75% of all Americans suffer from some sort of “malocclusion” according to the folks at the American Association of Orthodontists. This refers to opposing teeth that are misaligned and have irregular contact. Your dentist can help you determine if you suffer from a malocclusion that is serious enough to require orthodontic treatment. 

A trained orthodontist can bring relief to those who are suffering from misaligned or crooked teeth. Orthodontic treatment can bring a number of benefits:

  • Orthodontic treatment can restore a gorgeous smile.
  • Orthodontic treatment can help a patient chew his food more thoroughly.
  • Orthodontic treatment can protect teeth from cracking or even breaking.
  • Orthodontic treatment can help preserve the bone structure of the patient’s mouth.
  • Orthodontic treatment can aid a patient in performing more thorough oral hygiene.

Bacteria love to hide in the crevices of crooked teeth. Of course, the bacteria that is hidden will eventually cause tooth decay. Put simply, straight teeth are much easier to keep clean!

A common solution is traditional wire braces. This well-known treatment uses metal wires and brackets to slowly bring misaligned teeth into proper alignment.

A newer solution that is gaining popularity is ceramic braces. While they function just like wire braces, they are not made out of metal. One feature that makes ceramic braces desirable is that the color is custom-made to match the color of your teeth. Some even wear ceramic braces that are transparent. In either case, they are virtually invisible to most observers.

A third solution is the use of lingual braces. Again, these function practically like traditional braces, but they are hidden from view on the back of the patient’s teeth. Some patients choose them for aesthetic reasons, but they are also a popular solution for patients who play wind instruments or play a contact sport.


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