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Emergency Dentist in Milford & West Haven, Connecticut

Dental emergencies can range from minor issues such as damaged teeth, or broken fillings to major ones such as tooth abscesses. If you are experiencing any urgent dental issues, call or visit Shoreline Dental Care in Milford and West Haven, Connecticut. Our experienced team of emergency dentists provides immediate dental care for patients of all ages and will treat your situation with the utmost urgency.

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What Can an Emergency Dentist Do?

An emergency dentist provides dental care to patients that requires immediate attention. Some common emergency situations that require urgent dental care include:

What To Do During a Dental Emergency in Milford & West Haven

When faced with a dental emergency, the first step is to contact your dentist immediately. Add our phone number in your contacts so you have easy access: (203) 931-3050 for our Main St. location or (203) 874-3050 for our Cherry St. location. We’ll schedule your appointment for as soon as possible.

If You Are Experiencing Severe Tooth Discomfort

Toothaches are among the most common reasons people seek dental emergency services. If you experience severe discomfort in your gums or jaw, you can take an over-the-counter pain reliever to reduce discomfort while you wait for your appointment. 

If You Have An Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth occurs when bacteria form around a cavity or damaged area inside the tooth. The infection spreads through the tissues surrounding the affected area, causing swelling and tenderness. 

If you suspect you have an abscessed tooth, rinse with salt water for temporary relief, and then give us a call to set up your appointment as soon as possible. We will remove the infected tissue and prescribe antibiotics to help prevent further infections.

If You Need Root Canal Treatment

If you are experiencing severe tooth discomfort, you may need a root canal to remove diseased nerve endings from the center of a tooth. This process allows the nerves to heal and prevents future damage to the tooth. 

If you have experienced extreme discomfort in your tooth, take over-the-counter pain medication to help alleviate the discomfort. Try sitting up while you sleep so you don’t rest your face on the painful part of your jaw, and drink plenty of water.

If You Have a Broken Tooth or Knocked Out Teeth

Broken teeth are very painful and can lead to more serious complications if not treated quickly. If you have a broken or knocked out tooth, you can use gauze to soak up any blood and cover sharp edges of a broken tooth. Then, apply a cold compress to reduce swelling and help with discomfort. 

If You Have Sore Gums

Sore gums can be caused by several factors, such as poor oral hygiene, gum disease, or injury. If you notice redness or swelling in your gums, be gentle when brushing and flossing until you can get in for an appointment. You can alternate hot and cold compresses to help alleviate the discomfort.

If You Have Broken Crowns or Fillings

A crown or filling is a protective covering placed over a tooth. When a crown or filling breaks, it can cause discomfort. If you notice any cracks or chips on your crown or filling, you should visit our office as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Contact Shoreline Dental Care in Milford & West Haven, CT

If you are experiencing any dental emergency, contact our office right away. Our emergency dentist in Milford & West Haven, CT offers same-day service and will work hard to get you back on schedule.

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