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Don’t Fall for These 5 Dental Myths!

Watch out for these five myths circulating around West Haven and Milford! The team here at Shoreline Dental Care busts these myths one-by-one to help you achieve the healthiest possible smile.

Dental Myth 1: Sugar Causes Cavities

Germs are responsible for tooth decay, not sugar. The sugar you eat does play a crucial role in the process, however. Cavity-causing bacteria feed on the sugars and carbohydrates that enter your mouth and then excrete acids that wear holes in your tooth enamel.

Eating sugar on a regular basis also raises the acidity of your mouth. This weakens your enamel and makes it more susceptible to decay.

Dental Myth 2: You Should Rinse Out Your Mouth After Brushing

Rinsing after brushing is such a common habit that you probably never realized it’s an unnecessary one. You don’t necessarily need to rinse out toothpaste, because it keeps protecting your teeth long after you’re done brushing. You can spit out the foam, of course, but there’s no need to swish with water afterward; you’ll only be rinsing away all that good fluoride!

Dental Myth 3: Fruit Juice is Healthier Than Soda

Fruit juice may have more vitamins and fewer chemicals than soda, but it scores just as badly as soda when it comes to sugar content. Juice is a sneaky contributor to tooth decay because it’s highly damaging to tooth enamel, but people sip on it thinking that it’s a healthy beverage.

Dental Myth 4: Fluoride is Toxic

Virtually any vitamin or mineral is toxic in excess amounts, and the same is true of fluoride. Fluoride is only toxic when you ingest too much at once. As long as your teeth have an adequate and safe amount of fluoride exposure as recommended by your West Haven family dentist, they will stay strong and you will stay healthy.

Dental Myth 5: Metal Fillings Cause Mercury Poisoning

Metal fillings do contain mercury, but the small amount found in them isn’t enough to cause illness. Modern Milford dentists, however, usually only place white fillings since they’re metal-free, look more natural, and are gentler on your tooth enamel.

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