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Do You Really Need a Root Canal?

Most people dread root canals because they’ve only heard of their supposedly painful reputation. 

But a root canal isn’t the terrible process many think it is. Endodontic therapy is just as routine as getting a regular dental filling. People just assume root canals are uncomfortable because they’re necessary for treating painful tooth problems.

Still, you’re likely wondering whether or not a root canal procedure is really necessary.

Why You Might Need a Root Canal

A “root canal” is when our dentist removes the nerve inside of your tooth and seals it up with a special filling material. Afterwards, we place a new crown over it to keep your tooth strong enough for everyday wear.

Dental nerves need to be removed whenever they are infected or exposed to potential infection. A large cavity or fracture, for example, can compromise your tooth’s vitality.

If your tooth is in extreme pain, severely damaged, or discolored, then there’s a good chance you’ll need a root canal.

Endodontic therapy is the last-resort to save your tooth when all other treatment methods would be insufficient.

Alternatives to Getting a Root Canal

If your tooth has reached the point of needing endodontic therapy, then you likely don’t have many other options.

The fact alone that your tooth needs a root canal means it isn’t strong enough to hold up on its own. It’s too late for a crown or filling to keep your tooth together.

If you don’t get a root canal, you’ll probably need to have your tooth extracted. This will help you avoid more pain and keep the infection from spreading.

Once your tooth is gone, you’ll have to consider a replacement such as a bridge, partial denture, or dental implant. Otherwise, other teeth can shift out of place. It’s better to have the recommended root canal.

Endodontic Therapy in Milford and West Haven

Having a toothache doesn’t automatically mean that you’ll need a root canal. But you should still have your tooth examined to find out what’s going on.

Contact Shoreline Dental Care if you’re worried that you might need endodontic therapy. Our family-oriented team will let you know whether your treatment options include a root canal.

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