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Do Dental X-Rays Make You Gag? These Tips Can Help

Getting dental x-rays can be an unpleasant experience. People with small mouths or a strong gag reflex tend to have an especially hard time.

If you’re due for a dental checkup in Milford and have a hard time with dental x-rays, Shoreline Dental Care has some practical (and proven) tips that can help.

Breathe Through Your Nose, Wiggle Your Toes

To avoid gagging during dental x-rays, breathe deeply through your nose. Focus on your breathing technique. Draw long breaths in through your nose. Release them slowly. Try humming at the same time.

Wiggle your toes or look at your feet and imagine moving your toes one-by-one. This is an effective way to distract your brain from the foreign object (dental x-ray) in your mouth.

Bite Down Firmly on the X-Ray Bitepiece

The dental hygienist or assistant taking your x-ray knows exactly where to place the sensor to capture a clear image of your tooth. Your job is to hold the sensor in place by biting firmly down on a block that sits between your teeth.

Biting down firmly will stabilize the sensor and keeping it from touching your tongue or cheek and triggering your gag reflex.

Pass the Salt!

A sprinkle of salt on the tip of the tongue is an old trick that they teach in dental school. The saltiness on the tip of your tongue will distract your mind and concentrate your senses on the front of your mouth. This can dull your gag reflex long enough to allow for some successful dental x-rays.

Yes…it actually works!

Remember That Dental X-Rays Are Vital

Dental x-rays reveal the condition of teeth in areas a Milford dentist just can’t see with the naked eye. X-rays can show whether you have cavities or bone loss on the sides of teeth and can even reveal dangerous abscesses or tumors long before they can cause trouble.

Getting dental x-rays completed and out of the way will help you stay on top of your dental health and avoid costly or painful dental problems. Considering the benefits of dental x-rays, only having to have them once a year or so can make it easier to endure the discomfort!

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