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Shoreline Dental Care: Dental Technology in Connecticut

At Shoreline Dental Care in Connecticut, we offer up-to-date technology so we can provide a comprehensive dental plan that is custom to your needs. From 3D digital imaging to laser technology, we can use these technologies to paint a clearer picture of what is really going on with your oral health. Advanced technology has many benefits, including improved patient comfort and better treatment outcomes.

We have redesigned dental appointments to ensure our patients get the best quality care.

Dental Technology

We Provide Advanced Dental Technology for High-Quality Care

At Shoreline Dental Care, we provide advanced dental technology to help you get the best care possible. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to perform a wide variety of procedures, including digital radiography, laser dentistry, and more. If your teeth are sensitive or if you have any other concerns about your oral health, our team can help you find relief.

Our use of technology is one characteristic that sets us apart from other dental practices.

Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced dental technology provides many benefits when it comes to your overall oral health.

Types of Dental Technology We Offer

Our dental office has incorporated high-quality technologies into our standard of care. With advanced technology, our dentist can review high-definition diagnostic images to create a more customized patient care plan based on your needs. Here are a few of the items we offer in our offices now.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers use high-frequency light waves to reshape or contour your gums without causing any bleeding. If you’re experiencing symptoms of gum diseases, lasers can be used to sterilize the gum tissues and speed up healing after periodontal treatment. They’re even useful for treating a cold sore.

Cone Beam- 3D X-rays

Planning oral surgery shouldn’t be done without careful consideration. Most dentists use two-dimensional x-ray technology to assess and evaluate their patient’s teeth. However, we go one step further by using three-dimensional cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology to digitally design everything from the size of dental implants to create a surgical template. It takes more accurate and detailed images of your oral structures so we can get the complete picture.

TRIOS 3D Scanner

With our TRIOS digital impression system by 3D Shape, we can take “digital impressions” to make your dental restoration – so you get better results faster and more comfortably. Digital impressions are high-quality images taken directly from inside your mouth that we send to the computer, where they’re converted into a virtual model. These models are then used to create your dental restoration. Digital impressions are suitable whether you’re getting a new tooth, replacing an old one, or restoring a damaged one. They’re also great for planning orthodontics.

Why We Provide State-of-the-Art Technologies For a Comfortable Dental Treatment

When you visit our dental office, we want to make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your appointment. That’s why we incorporate advanced dental technology into every aspect of our practice. From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll notice how modern and clean our facility looks.

Our experienced dentist offers a wide range of treatment options for our patients, which includes our use of advanced technologies to make your procedure go even more smoothly. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible experience during your dental visits.

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