Complete Health Dentistry: The Oral-Systemic Connection

Research continues to connect the proverbial dots between oral health and overall health. This is a concept enthusiastically embraced by Shoreline Dental Care. We approach your oral health as the pathway to complete health, and you’ll notice it beginning with your first visit to our Milford, CT and West Haven, CT dental offices

As a practitioner of complete health dentistry, Dr. Tartagni’s goal is to bring awareness to our patients about the important role oral health plays in our overall health. Dr. Tartagni is involved with the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH) and is uniquely qualified to treat your oral health as a vital part of your whole body wellness

Many people only think of their teeth as tools for smiling and chewing, not realizing that having a cavity or the beginning stages of gum disease can pose a serious health risk. Just as nutrients from the food we eat travel through our body via our mouth, so does potentially harmful bacteria. This bacteria from your mouth can cause both heart disease and respiratory disease.

Health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, sleep apnea, cancer, dry mouth and pregnancy can all negatively affect your oral health. Habits like chewing ice, smoking, chewing tobacco and biting your nails can also harm your oral health, which in turn effects your whole body’s health and wellness.

The Academy of General Dentistry states that more than 90% of systemic diseases also have oral symptoms that can present as lesions, swelling or redness. By understanding how your oral habits and health concerns affect your wellness, we can create a plan to improve your overall health, reducing serious health risks.

Your First Appointment

Your dental appointment begins with us explaining our philosophy on total health, and taking a more detailed medical history than perhaps you’ve ever had at a dentist’s office. While some of these questions may sound unrelated to your oral health, they’re questions designed to identify systemic disease.

This first appointment includes an evaluation of your mouth, gums, the depths of the gum pockets, documentation of cavities and tooth loss, and taking dental x-rays. We also look at your diet, exercise, stress management, sleep patterns, alcohol and tobacco use. Other medical indicators are evaluated, such as blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. All of this is done to determine if you’re predisposed to having diabetes, heart attack, stroke, or other systemic health issues.

We even ask about the supportive relationships in your life. All of this information is used to create your Healthy Body Baseline.

Why are we so in-depth? Because we want our patients to live long and to live well. As we age, we all want to know we’re going to have a healthy mind, we want to avoid a serious health issue like a cardiac event or cancer, and we want to live long, active lives doing the things we love.

Total Health Treatment Planning

Once we have all of this information, we use it to help you evaluate what is needed to achieve and maintain a healthy mouth. Then we create a specific plan tailored individually to you and your needs.

We will offer recommendations on home care such as using a Sonicare® toothbrush, or a hydroflosser that uses ionic energy to repel plaque. Other recommendations could include treatment rinses, probiotics and follow-up dental visits for scaling and root planing.

Ultimately, we switch to the process of monitoring your oral health. Your dental visits are an ongoing opportunity for communication, where we do our part to keep not only your mouth healthy, but your entire body healthy.

A healthy bite is essential to a balanced diet. Whether it’s through restoring or replacing your worn out teeth, we have options for everyone.

Please contact our office to schedule an appointment so we can help get you on the path to good oral and overall health.

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