Understanding Your Wisdom Teeth

Your last set of adult teeth to develop are the “wisdom teeth,” or third molars. These molars usually start to develop during the early teen years, but you might be 18 years old or even up to 30 years old before they’re fully formed.

Problems With Wisdom Teeth

Why do some people need to have their 3rd molars extracted? If you’ve been told that you need to see an oral surgeon or get your wisdom teeth removed, here are a few reasons why:

Wisdom teeth…

  • Often become impacted, leaning into other teeth and causing problems like decay, infection, pain, or crowding of the other teeth in the mouth
  • Are hard to clean, often because they only erupt partially into the mouth. They aren’t usually worth restoring, so removing them is usually best.
  • Sometimes cause pain and swelling, due to the cysts that form around them as part of the natural eruption process.
  • Can harbor bacterial infections inside of your jaw, resulting in other tooth problems later.

Gentle Wisdom Tooth Removals

Not everyone needs their 3rd molars removed. If your parents needed to have their wisdom teeth out, there’s a good chance that you might as well. The only way to know for sure is to have a dentist examine the area with the help of a full mouth diagnostic x-ray. This allows us to see exactly where the tooth is laying and if there is room for it to come in.

Fact: Not everyone will need to undergo wisdom teeth removal. If your parents had theirs out, there’s a good chance you will need to as well.

As with any oral surgery, it’s important to plan ahead and discuss the process with your dentist. Dr. Joseph Tartagni, DMD & Associates are licensed to provide in house oral conscious sedation right here in Milford and West Haven. That way you can relax throughout the entire process!

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