Soft Teeth and a High Risk of Decay

Have you ever heard someone say that they had “soft teeth?” What they probably meant, was that their teeth aren’t very strong or resistant to tooth decay (cavities.)

It’s true, soft teeth do tend to get more cavities than people with strong enamel. But what you might not realize is that you could be making your teeth “soft” without even realizing it.

Hidden Sugars Inside Your Drinks

You probably can’t count how many times that you’ve heard sodas are filled with sugar. So, you avoid them, going to a diet soda (it’s sugar free, right?) or a sports drink to stay hydrated.

Unfortunately, these drinks are also full of sugars, sweeteners, and low pH levels (acid) that make your teeth decay far quicker than even a regular soda would. Especially sports drinks! Did you know that a Red Bull Energy Drink and Powerade Sports Drink have lower pH levels (more acidic) than a regular can of Dr. Pepper?

Water, Water, Water

There’s nothing better you can do to stay hydrated and keep your teeth clean than to drink lots of water straight out of the tap. Fluoridated city water lubricates your mouth as you drink it, plus helps with strong teeth and bone development.

If you need to do a bit of damage control, a prescription strength fluoride gel is available for purchase. You can use it at night to help remineralize areas where the teeth are starting to soften up. That way, you reverse the process of tooth decay and don’t have to suffer with the cosmetic challenges of “white spots.”

Shoreline Dental Care can help you spot signs of soft teeth and then take steps to strengthen them. All it takes is a quick checkup with us! Contact Us Today to schedule yours.