Protecting Your Gums, Protecting Your Teeth

Infected gums are nothing to laugh about. In fact, they could cause you to lose your teeth! Fortunately, catching gum disease early can help us to take steps to treat it before you get to that point.


This is the earliest and most easily corrected stage of gum disease. Gingivitis is the inflammation along the gumlines, usually caused by inadequate brushing and flossing.


As gingivitis goes untreated, the bacteria and swelling begin to creep deeper into the gum “pockets” surrounding your teeth. This causes the tissues to detach, making them even deeper and destroying bone structure at the same time.

A deep cleaning (scaling and root planing) is recommended to fully clean the areas of all bacteria or tartar, so that we can prevent any further damage from taking place.

Periolase Laser Gum Treatments

Instead of needing surgery, Periolase can be used in conjunction with your deep cleaning to help regrow healthy gum tissue. The safe laser works by removing the bacteria that cause gum disease, creating a sterile environment that heals far more quickly.

The LANAP Protocol: No Cut. No Sew. No Fear.

No Cut. No Sew. No Fear. With the LANAP Protocol, you can experience true periodontal regeneration without traditional oral surgery. Dr. Joe and Dr. Jason are specially trained to use the advanced PerioLase system to help you reclaim your oral health. LANAP conserves more gum tissue than older periodontal surgeries, and patients tend to experience less pain and down-time.

The LAPIP Protocol for Implant Infections

For patients experiencing infection or inflammation around a dental implant, we offer advanced treatment with the LAPIP Protocol. Our laser dentists are specially trained to combat peri-implantitis gently and effectively, using cutting-edge laser technology. The LAPIP Protocol uses a laser to eliminate bacteria in the gum pocket around the implant, leading to true periodontal regeneration.

Gum Disease Linked to Significant Health Problems

Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body. Scientific research has shown that active gum disease significantly increases your risk of problems like diabetes, difficulty conceiving, premature labor, heart disease, and even pneumonia. The list is pretty long!

Causes of Gum Infections

While genetics can predispose some people to developing gum disease, it isn’t the only factor. In most cases, healthy individuals can prevent the infection by thoroughly brushing and flossing their teeth each day, along with scheduling a preventive cleaning every six months with their dentist.

At Shoreline Dental Care, we offer comprehensive gum disease treatments (including laser therapy) so that you can treat periodontitis without being referred out to a periodontal specialist. Call our Milford or West Haven locations to schedule your appointment.