Combatting Tooth Infections and Abscessed Teeth

Your tooth hurts. You can’t bite down on anything, and your face feels warm or swollen. What’s wrong? An infected tooth or dental abscess can trigger a lot of symptoms, but sometimes they’re completely pain free. At Shoreline Dental Care, we’ll take an x-ray to see exactly what’s going on deep under the gums.

Here are a few common causes of tooth infections or toothaches:

Abscesses Along the Gum

An abscessed tooth looks like a pimple along the gumlines. Even if it pops or goes down on its own, the infection isn’t gone. This fistula is just an outlet for the infected nerve inside of your tooth to drain, since it can’t swell up.

Food Stuck Between the Teeth

Whether it’s corn on the cob, steak, or even a little bit of bread, areas of periodontal disease are easy targets for catching food under the gums. Even if you brush and floss, those deep pockets might not be very accessible to clean out on your own. After a few days’ time, the gums start to swell up.

Gum Recession

Brushing too hard or grinding your teeth can cause gum recession — when your gum tissues tend to creep further up the tooth, exposing the root. Your root wasn’t meant for that, and it can make your smile very sensitive to changes in temperatures.

Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth isn’t just one with a chip in it. It’s usually a hairline lesion that isn’t even visible to the naked eye. Usually, the tooth hurts the most when pressure is applied (like biting and chewing.) It could be due to an accident, excessive wear, or even a large, failing filling.

How Quickly Can You Get Here?

Again, these are just a few of the examples of types of toothaches and tooth infections that we treat at Shoreline Dental Care. Contact Us Today to see how over 30 years of experience can help you get out of pain quickly.