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Conquer Your Fear of the Dentist!

Dentistry isn’t about just fixing broken teeth – it’s mainly about preventing painful and costly problems before they happen. But fear and anxiety could be holding you back from getting the dental care you need.

So how can you get over your fear of dental offices and dentists? Here are some common fears and how to deal with them.

Fear of Needles

Injections aren’t actually required for all dental procedures. There are other ways to numb you and dull discomfort before bringing needles into the equation.

How to combat this fear: Ask our dentist about numbing alternatives or what to expect while getting an injection. Vocalizing your concern will help you feel better, especially if you’re able to find out there are other options available! Our reassuring dentist can help redirect your attention from your fear.

Fear of Mean Dentists

Dentists don’t want to hurt you. Actually, we want to help you feel comfortable and put your fears at ease. But all it takes is one run-in with a bad-tempered dental professional to keep you away for good.

How to combat this fear: reach out to your West Haven family dentists, Dr. Joe and Dr. Jason, who have great reputations for making friends with their patients. It’s okay to chat with a dentist and get to know him or her before agreeing to a filling!

Fear of Gagging

Does the mere thought of having a dental mirror in your mouth put your stomach in knots?

Gagging is a common issue in dental offices, but don’t panic: your dental team knows all kind of tricks to help you reduce the sensitivity of your gag reflex.

How to combat this fear: When you sense the urge to gag, close your eyes, breathe deeply and steadily through your nose, and concentrate on wiggling your toes one at a time. Maybe even lift one foot up a few inches in the air. Here’s another tip: bring a packet of salt from a fast food restaurant, and sprinkle a little bit on the tip of your tongue just before your exam (believe us, it actually works.)

Fear of Pain

Dentistry used to be something most people thought was always uncomfortable, but modern advances have made it much more pleasant. There are a variety of sedative options to improve your comfort. Besides that, modern dental treatment is more conservative and efficient than in years past.

How to combat this fear: Before scheduling treatment, ask our dental team what your options are for numbing pain. Keep in mind, too, that not treating a problem could eventually be a lot more painful than just getting the appointment over with.

Contact Shoreline Dental Care to learn more about how you can conquer your dental fears for good!

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