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CBCT: Why It’s Essential in Our Dental Practice

If you’ve been to Shoreline Dental Care recently, you may have spotted one of the latest pieces of advanced technology we’re using: our CBCT machine.

CBCT stands for “cone beam computed tomography.” It’s also called a “cone-beam” or “CT” image, depending on who you’re talking with. Essentially, it’s an x-ray machine that allows us to capture a 3D image of your entire oral anatomy and surrounding structures.

It Takes Dentistry to an Entirely New Level

In the past, our dentists only had two-dimensional x-rays to plan your treatment. With three-dimensional imaging, we can see your mouth from an entirely new perspective… evaluating things like your precise bone anatomy, density, and the exact location of anatomical landmarks like nerves or a sinus cavity. It makes planning your treatment far more predictable, so that you can expect the very best outcome.

We’re Able to Provide More Accurate Treatments

With 3D data, we’re able to utilize computer guided dental implant surgery for an accurate placement during each procedure. The implants are placed electronically inside of your scan to create a surgical guide on the actual date of your surgery.

It Makes Your Implant Surgery More Predictable and Efficient

Using your implant guide means that your surgery can be completed in far less time. It’s also less invasive, which means your recovery time is shorter and more comfortable.

For people who have been told that dental implants aren’t an option, it’s time to reconsider. Using 3D imaging provides us with more information than a traditional two-dimensional x-ray, allowing us to place implants in areas that support implants instead of having to make a guess regarding your bone structure.

Call Shoreline Dental Care in West Haven or Milford today to find out how our CBCT technology can help you enjoy a strong, durable smile for life.

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