Use It or Lost It

It’s hard to believe the Holidays are almost here and this year will be over in the blink of an eye! The amount of busyness that is packed into the last few months of the year often causes us to put our oral health on the back burner. We understand that dental care might be […]

October is National Dental Hygiene Month

Every October, we set aside time to celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month by promoting proper dental health, improving oral health habits, and turning the spotlight on the dedicated dental hygienists who work hard to clean and take care of our teeth. It’s also an annual reminder to continue to practice the daily habits of keeping the mouth, teeth, and […]

September is National Gum Care Month

Fun fact: September is National Gum Care Month. Now here’s a not-so-fun fact: most people don’t take nearly as good care of their gums as they should. Gum disease will affect about half the adult population of the U.S. at some point. Fortunately, September is the perfect time to learn why your gums are so […]

August is National Wellness Month

August is National Wellness Month. Since part of staying in good overall health is taking care of your dental health, it’s a good time to look at ways you can improve and maintain your oral health. HERE ARE SOME TIPS: Practice good oral hygiene. A fundamental key to a long life of healthy teeth and […]

Custom Aligners vs. Mail Order Aligners

You’ve probably seen commercials advertising simple and convenient mail-order aligners. They’re clear aligner trays that you can get through the mail. You wear each tray for a set amount of time, and by the end of your treatment, the claim is that your smile will be straighter without the “inconvenience” of visiting a dentist’s office. […]

Protect Your Teeth From Acidic Beverages

While your teeth may be strong, they are not indestructible. Most popular drinks have a very high level of acid, and this acidity can damage your enamel. Once it is damaged, you’ll need your dentist’s help to repair it so that it doesn’t wear away more. DANGERS OF ACIDIC DRINKS Drinks with a high pH level can […]

Root Canal

One of the most common questions about this procedure is perhaps the simplest to answer: what is a root canal? A root canal is a treatment that addresses infection or inflammation on the inside of your tooth. The infection or inflammation causes damage to the pulp, or center of the tooth. This procedure becomes necessary […]

April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

SHORELINE DENTAL CARE IS HERE TO SHARE RISKS, SYMPTOMS, AND PREVENTION FOR ORAL CANCER AWARENESS MONTH This April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, approximately 54,000 people in the US will be newly diagnosed with oral cancer this year. Every appointment with Shoreline Dental Care in Milford, CT or West Haven, CT scans for […]

February is American Heart Health Month

DID YOU KNOW THAT HEART DISEASE AND ORAL HEALTH ARE LINKED? Studies have shown that people with moderate or advanced periodontal disease are more likely to have cardiovascular disease than those with healthy gums. The American Dental Association and the American Heart Association have both acknowledged that a relationship exists between gum disease and heart disease Research has focused […]

7 Benefits of Invisalign

Straight, strong teeth are essential in many aspects of your life. Having beautiful, healthy teeth offers a boost of confidence. It also protects you from developing serious oral diseases. The best approach to correcting any teeth imperfections is to seek orthodontic treatment. If you are thinking of ways to straighten and strengthen your teeth, you […]