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Dental Braces in Milford & West Haven, Connecticut

If you have misaligned or crooked teeth, dental braces can help you get the smile you want. At Shoreline Dental in Milford and West Haven, we offer personalized, high-quality dental care at an affordable price. Our team will work with you to help you achieve a straight, beautiful smile.


Why Should You Consider Dental Braces?

Traditional braces are one of the common types of orthodontic appliances in use today. They are used to straighten your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. They are suitable for both adults and children, but they’re most commonly used in teenagers and young adults. 

Braces can correct crowded teeth, an overbite or underbite, or teeth that are incorrectly positioned in the mouth. Not only will they provide a better-looking smile, but they will also improve your oral health by removing gaps or crevices where bacteria can build up and be hard to reach.

How Do Braces Work?

Traditional braces consist of metal brackets that are bonded directly to each tooth’s front surface. These brackets contain archwires and elastic bands that gradually push against the teeth and cause them to shift into the proper position. This movement helps realign your teeth so that they line up correctly.

Orthodontic Treatment Process at Shoreline Dental Care

When you come in for your first visit, we’ll take impressions 3-D images, and photos of your teeth so we can develop a treatment plan. If you need spacers, we’ll place those at this time, too. Then, you’ll come in to have your braces placed. Our orthodontist will fit the bands, brackets, and wires to your teeth.

You’ll come in periodically for check-up appointments throughout your treatment so we can monitor your progress and make any adjustments. Most patients in Milford and West Haven wear the braces for a year to 18 months before removing them, but each case will vary.

Once your braces come off, you’ll wear a retainer as long as necessary to ensure that your teeth stay in place.

Caring for Your Braces

To keep your braces looking great, you should:

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Commonly Asked Questions About Braces

You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 for metal braces, depending on how severe your case is and how long you will need to wear them. To help spread out the cost, ask our office team about financing options.

Most insurance companies cover some portion of the cost of orthodontic treatment. Check with your provider to see if your plan covers any part of the procedure.

Traditional braces can treat problems like crooked teeth, bite problems, crowded teeth, and misalignment teeth.

It can take anywhere from 12-24 months to complete the process straightening your teeth with traditional braces. During this time, you must visit our office regularly to check on how well your teeth are moving.

You shouldn’t eat hard foods such as popcorn, nuts, or other crunchy items. You should also avoid sticky foods like gum and candy.

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