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Are Your Gums Putting You at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease?

Are Your Gums Putting You at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease?

It’s easy to take your gums for granted. They’re just the pink skin that serves as a backdrop for the whitest teeth you can get, right? But your gingival tissues play a bigger role than you may realize.

Why Your Gums Matter

Gum tissue does more than protect the bone that holds the teeth. It also contains complex layers of ligaments that provide nourishment and cushioning to tooth roots. You need your gums if you want to keep your teeth stable!

But that’s not all. Studies are showing stronger and stronger connections between gum health and other body systems. It appears that your gingiva could have a serious impact on your cardiac health.

Periodontal – Cardiovascular Disease Connection

Scientists have not yet established a cause-and-effect relationship between periodontal (gum) disease and heart health. This means that we cannot say for sure a gum infection will give you heart problems. But what we do know is that there’s a definite pattern. People with periodontal disease are twice as likely to develop heart disease as those without gum disease.

Bacteria in the mouth may be to blame since the germs responsible for gum disease have been found in blood clots and arterial plaque. The bacteria enters the bloodstream through microscopic wounds in the mouth and gets stuck in damaged areas and fatty deposits.

As a result, the blood vessel gets inflamed, putting the body at risk for a clot and even heart attack.

Lower Your Risk!

Although virtually everyone has these disease-causing germs in their mouths, not everyone will be affected. Periodontal disease also depends on lifestyle factors, oral hygiene, and your immune system.

If you do have signs of gum disease, you should seek professional dental care. At Shoreline Dental Care, our team works out of two locations to help West Haven and Milford residents enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We want to diagnose gum inflammation in its early stages and start prompt treatment.

We’ll help you identify and reduce your risk factors and treat any existing infection. Take your cardiac health in your hands – call today to schedule your gum health assessment with Dr. Joseph or Jason M. Tartagni.

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