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Are You Brushing Properly?

4 Mistakes You Probably Make When You Brush

If you haven’t been paying much attention to your brushing routine before, now is the time to start. These common and easy-to-make mistakes could be turning your healthy toothbrushing habit against you.

Using Too Much Toothpaste

This one is not likely to cause you severe dental distress. It’s more a matter of economy.

Most people load up their brushes with a smear of toothpaste as long as the row of bristles. But you don’t really need the amount shown in the pictures of toothpaste ads. Proper application could cut in half the amount you spend each year on toothpaste.

A pea-sized amount of toothpaste will get you all the fluoride your teeth need while making your product last longer. If a child accidentally swallows some of it, it won’t be very much.

Brushing Too Hard

Our West Haven dentist could tell in an instant whether you’re an aggressive brusher. Scrubbing your teeth with too much pressure can cause gum recession and even wear notches in the enamel.

You don’t need much force to remove plaque. Anything that doesn’t come off with a gentle brushing will require professional dental attention anyway.

Lighten up by switching your toothbrush to your non-dominant hand. Perhaps you might even try a powered toothbrush that does the work for you.

Missing More Than A Few Spots

Brushing is good for more than a white smile. Make sure that you also clean along:

  • Gum lines
  • Insides of teeth
  • Chewing surfaces
  • Your tongue
  • Roof of your mouth

All these areas can harbor ugly stains and smelly germs.

Rinsing with Water When You Finish Brushing

Your toothpaste contains ingredients that keep working long after you brush. Fluoride, for example, strengthens the enamel as long as it stays on teeth. Other components fight germs that cause bad breath and plaque for a few hours after brushing.

If you have a habit of rinsing out with water after brushing, then your toothpaste is doing you very little good.

As an alternative, choose a mouthrinse with fluoride and/or antibacterial benefits to rinse out the suds.

Curious to see what else you didn’t know about toothbrushing? Plan a visit to Shoreline Dental Care at one of our locations that’s nearest you.

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