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Are Veneers the Right Choice for Your Smile?

Are Veneers the Right Choice for Your Smile?

At Shoreline Dental Care, we get a lot of patients who ask whether getting veneers is a good choice for their personal smile goals.

You may have heard a lot about dental veneers. Are they right for you? To find out, you’ll need a little more information about the treatment process and exactly what veneers are used for.

What are veneers?

A porcelain laminate veneer is like a slim ceramic glove that fits seamlessly over the front of your tooth.

Dental veneers fall into the cosmetic category of dentistry. This means you wouldn’t necessarily get a veneer to fix a decayed tooth. Rather, you might opt for a veneer if you wanted to improve the look of your smile.

Veneers: Pros and Cons

Have you ever resurfaced a floor or driveway?

Such projects involve taking up the old or damaged top layer and applying a new one. This enhances the look of the end result.

Something similar happens when you get a veneer: our dentist replaces a thin outer layer of your tooth enamel with a new porcelain “surface.”

The veneer process results in a gorgeous new smile. But it also has a few drawbacks to consider.

Pros of veneers:

  • Completely mask stained, crooked, gapped, or rough teeth
  • Fastest way to improve your smile
  • Results can motivate you to maintain good oral hygiene
  • Enhance your confidence and self-esteem

Cons of veneers:

  • Only meant for fully developed teeth (ideal for older teens & adults)
  • Permanent procedure, so if a veneer is damaged, it must be replaced
  • Doesn’t provide restorative protection or stability of a crown
  • Enamel must be removed

Do You Need Dental Veneers?

If you’re interested in the benefits of a beautiful new smile, then veneers can help you reach that goal — but only if a tooth is structurally stable.

A thorough examination and consultation is the only way to find out what your teeth really need. By looking at your teeth, our Milford dentist can determine whether or not a veneer is a good idea. If it turns out that you shouldn’t get veneers, that’s okay – you still have many other options to choose from!

Looking for a Milford cosmetic dentist who offers dental veneers? Call Shoreline Dental Care today to schedule a smile consultation.

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