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5 Questions About Sedation Dentistry Answered

You’ve heard about dental sedation, but you’re not so sure it’s right for you.

Our Shoreline Dental Care team answers all of your sedation dentistry questions that may be bouncing around your mind.

1. Is sedation dentistry safe?

Sedation dentistry is very safe, when administered by experienced and certified professionals. By thoroughly explaining your health history to our dentists, you allow our team to make your treatment as safe as possible.

2. I’ve heard some people have no memory of their dental treatment when they wake up from sedation. Is that true?

Moderate sedation such as that given by IV or an oral medication does typically have an amnesic effect. This means that you’re not likely to remember what happened. Even so, you do remain semi-conscious during sedation dentistry. We recommend that you bring a trusted friend or family member to your sedation appointment for support.

3. What are the side-effects of sedation dentistry?

Side-effects vary from person-to-person and usually depend on the type of sedation you have. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) doesn’t normally have any side-effects. Oral sedation can last for a few hours after your treatment, so we recommend you have a friend drive you home and keep you company for a while after.

4. Isn’t sedation dentistry expensive? Why should I bother paying for it?

Dental sedation is a separate expense that may not be covered by your insurance. Still, you’ll find that it’s worth it the modest investment. Sedation is perfect if you suffer from dental anxiety or have difficulty sitting through treatment. You may want to be sedated just so that you can avoid boredom during a long appointment. Different types of sedation cost more or less than others.

Check in with Shoreline Dental Care on occasion to find out about the special offers and payment plans we have to make your sedation appointment affordable.

5. Can kids have dental sedation?

Kids are often great candidates for sedation since they can be nervous about dental treatment and have difficulty sitting still. Sedation helps them relax during long appointments and form positive memories of their experiences at the dentist.

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