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4 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need Six Month Dental Checkups

Do you dread having to schedule a six-month dental cleaning? It might seem like a waste of time just to polish up your teeth. After all, you don’t tend to have any major dental problems…can’t you just put it off until later?

The reality, however, is that regular dental checkups are about so much more than making your teeth feel clean!

There are at least four critical reasons routine dental checkups and cleanings are extremely important.

1. Your Toothbrush Can’t Keep Up

Diligent brushing does keep your teeth clean, but everyone has spots they tend to skip over. Once tartar (dental calculus) and stain develop on teeth, they’re impossible to take off with a toothbrush alone.

Professional dental cleanings remove those tough debris your toothbrush leaves behind. Our dental hygienist is trained to carefully use special instruments and advanced equipment to lift away stain and cement-like calculus. You can’t use these tools at home!

2. Only Dentists Can Detect Problems Before You Notice Them

Dental x-rays and an examination by a dentist could uncover problems you never knew were brewing beneath the surface. If you address these issues before they get any worse, the treatment will likely be minimal and inexpensive. You’ll be glad in the long run that we caught that cavity or growth at your routine dental checkup!

3. A Dental Checkup Is Your Chance for an Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is scary, not because it’s hard to treat, but because it so often goes undetected. People often pass from this deadly disease just because they didn’t know they had it until it was too late. Fortunately, a good dentist will provide an oral cancer screening at every checkup to make sure you’re in the clear.

4. You Get Personalized Advice at Dental Checkups

Whether you have sore gums or just want to find a flossing method that won’t make you gag, you need personalized advice from an oral health expert. Google can only offer limited help, since the Internet isn’t a real dentist!

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